The Playbook Masterclass is an educational series delivered in six parts. In each session, industry experts guide you through different sections of The Playbook and demonstrate, through worked examples, how you can use this resource to develop and implement digital clinical measures Health outcomes or physiological characteristics of an individual’s health, wellness, and/or condition that are collected digitally with a sensor. at your organization. DiMe first hosted The Playbook Masterclass series in Fall 2020.

Masterclass 1: Why digital clinical measures?

Learn with instructors Gina Valo and Jen Goldsack. Download here.

Masterclass 2: Measure - Tech - Ops: Order Matters

Learn with instructors Christine Manta, Andy Coravos, and Chris Benko. Download here.

Masterclass 3: Equity and justice in remote monitoring

Learn with instructors Adam Brown, Dena Mendelsohn, and John Wilbanks. Download here.

Masterclass 4: Specific consideration for remote monitoring in clinical research

Learn with instructors Priyanka Agarwal, Tom Switzer, and Victor Chan. Download here.

Masterclass 5: Specific considerations for remote monitoring in clinical care

Learn with instructors Steve Steinhubl and Sofia Warner. Download here.

Masterclass 6: Specific considerations for remote monitoring in public health surveillance

Learn with instructors Katie Baca-Motes and Ed Ramos. Download here.