The Policy dossier is designed for policy-makers and those that influence policy making.

The objective of this dossier is to establish a shared understanding of the current state of developing and deploying digital clinical measures Health outcomes or physiological characteristics of an individual’s health, wellness, and/or condition that are collected digitally with a sensor. and what it will take to get to the future state where healthcare is powered by them.

This dossier includes a Theory of Change model connecting the current state to a future state designed to serve as a discussion document and a companion briefing memo.

Theory of Change Model

This Theory of Change model connects current state to future state across four areas: education; data rights; interoperability and availability of data; and innovation. Download here.

Companion Brief: The Pathway for Policy that Advances Digital Clinical Measures

Digital clinical measures hold transformative potential to accelerate clinical research, enhance clinical care, and improve public health. But action is needed to build a healthcare ecosystem willing and able to take full advantage of all that digital health measures have to offer. Policymakers can drive widespread adoption of digital health measures by working towards four interrelated goals. Download here.

Event Panel: Policy Pathway: A roadmap for success

ICYMI Listen to the panel of experts from this Tour of Duty who collaborated to create the resources in this Dossier as they share their perspectives on the challenges and the opportunities to advance the use of digital clinical measures (excerpted from our launch event on April 30, 2021).