Introducing the essential guide for successfully developing & deploying digital clinical measures across clinical research, clinical care, and  public health


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Announcement of Tour

From November 2020 through April 2021, DiMe will host a Tour of Duty, “The Playbook: Driving adoption”. This Tour will convene a world-class team of tech, pharma and clinical leaders regulators, and patient advocates to drive the development and deployment of digital clinical measures for remote patient monitoring through the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

View the launch press release here.

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The Playbook Masterclass is an educational series where experts:

  1. Guide you through different sections of The Playbook
  2. Demonstrate, through worked examples, how you can use this resource to develop and implement digital clinical measures at your organization

DiMe hosted the first The Playbook Masterclass series in fall 2020. Recording and slides are available below:

 Why digital clinical measures?


Gina Valo

Jen Goldsack

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Measure -> Tech -> Ops:

Order Matters

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Equity and Justice

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 Clinical Research

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Clinical Care

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Public Health

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