The Academia dossier is designed to inform you about the breadth of academic research related to digital clinical measures Health outcomes or physiological characteristics of an individual’s health, wellness, and/or condition that are collected digitally with a sensor. as well as the current state of research and funding. The dossier includes a map of the academic research landscape as well as a systematic literature review of academic research relevant to digital clinical measures and sources of funding. This dossier is best used by academic researchers, research funders, and those who work with them.

The objectives of this dossier are to:

  • Document the role of academic research in advancing the safe, effective, ethical and equitable use of digital clinical measures
  • Identify where expertise exists in the academic research community so industry can readily find collaborators
  • Identify how this research is currently funded and identify gaps in funding support
What are the most critical components of The Playbook for academic researchers?

This Micro-Playbook contains the must-know elements of The Playbook for academic researchers. Download here.

Event Panel: Show me the Money! Academic research is critical to building trust

ICYMI Listen to the panel of experts from this Tour of Duty who collaborated to create the resources in this Dossier as they share their perspectives on the challenges and the opportunities to advance the use of digital clinical measures (excerpted from our launch event on April 30, 2021).